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Shenzhen CHIPHD Technology Co.,Ltd

Enterprise Profile

    ChipHD Technology Co.,Ltd  is a national new hi-tech enterprise which specialize in design and  R&D smart terminals.ChipHD has been concentrated on the design and reality of SW&HW complete solutions of Tablet PC,Smart TV Box,Portable HD multimedia products,E-book, PDA 3D game pad,Digital TC and so on consumer electronics.Take technology innovation and first-rate service as the core competitiveness,ChipHD provide customers with high quality/low price/global leading complete solutions of HD multimedia smart terminals and OS.

    With abundant R&D strength and MP experience,the Tablet PC&Smart TV Box which ChipHD produce for many first classical brands’customers hot sell all over the world.E.g.,we have develop-ed many tablet PC and pertinent smart terminals(they sell well in domestic and oversea)MSI,Hai-er,Visual Land,Tsing Hua Tongfang,Chino,TCL and so on first classical brands’ customers.Meanwhi-le,we help MSI,Haier and so on customers pass GMS/ESD/EMI/CE/FCC/CCC certifications of Google Android and gain the Installation and sale right of Google service&software.

    ChipHD is the strategy partner of All winner and one of leaders in All winner solution industry.We established business division separately  for MID(Tablet PC),Intel(Well-known global top chip Supplier) and home smart terminals(Build smart home),which means ChipHD’s completely new  phase has came.

    In the 3C products and three networks fusion times,ChipHD will continue work hard for the mission that “Develop nice products,offer high-quality service,create more value and earnings for customers”.